IOTASK – Driver-triggered task of the REXYGEN system

Block SymbolLicensing group: STANDARD

Function Description
Standard tasks of the REXYGEN system are integrated into the configuration using the TASK or QTASK blocks. Such tasks are executed by the system timer, whose tick is configured by the EXEC block.

But the system timer can be unsuitable in some cases, e.g. when the shortest execution period is too long or when the task should be executed by an external event (input signal interrupt) etc. In such a case the IOTASK can be executed directly by the I/O driver configured by the TIODRV block. The user manual of the given driver provides more details about the possibility and conditions of using the above mentioned approach.



Input for connecting the first task to the Tasks output of the TIODRV block or for connecting to the previous task’s next output

Long (I32)



Output for sequencing the tasks by connecting to the prev input of the following task

Long (I32)



Execution factor which can be used to determine the task execution period, see the user guide of the corresponding I/O driver  1

Long (I32)


Stack size [bytes]  10240

Long (I32)


Name of the file with the .mdl extension which contains the task algorithm; in the case filename is not specified, the filename is given by the name of the IOTASK block in the project main file (the .mdl extension is attached automatically)


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