QTASK – Quick task of the REXYGEN system

Block SymbolLicensing group: STANDARD

Function Description
The QTASK block is used for including the so-called quick task with high priority into the executive of the REXYGEN system. This task is used where the fastest processing of the input signals is necessary, e.g. digital filtering of input signals corrupted with noise or immediate processing of switches connected via digital inputs. The quick task is added into the configuration by connecting the prev input with the EXEC block’s QTask output. The quick task is initialized before the initialization of the Level0 computation level (see the TASK block).

There can be only one QTASK block in the REXYGEN control system. It runs with the logical priority no. 2. The algorithm of the quick task is configured the same way as the standard TASK, it is a separate .mdl file.

The execution period of the task is given by a multiple of the factor parameter and the tick of the EXEC block. The task is executed with the shortest period of tick seconds for factor=1. In that case the system load is the highest. Under all circumstances the QTASK must be executed within tick seconds, otherwise a real-time executive fatal error occurs and no other tasks are executed. Therefore the QTASK block must be used with consideration. The execution time of the block is displayed in the REXYGEN Diagnostics diagnostic program.



Input for connecting the task with the QTask output of the EXEC block

Long (I32)



Multiple of the EXEC block’s tick parameter defining the quick task execution period  1

Long (I32)


Stack size [bytes]  10240

Long (I32)


Name of the file with the .mdl extension which contains the quick task algorithm; in the case filename is not specified, the filename is given by the name of the QTASK block in the project main file (the .mdl extension is attached automatically)


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