SLEEP – Timing in Simulink

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Function Description
The Matlab/Simulink system works natively in simulation time, which can run faster or slower than real time, depending on the complexity of the algorithm and the computing power available. Therefore the SLEEP block must be used when accurate timing and execution of the algorithm in the Matlab/Simulink system is required. In the REXYGEN system, timing and execution is provided by system resources (see the EXEC block) and the SLEEP block is ignored.

In order to perform real-time simulation of the algorithm, the SLEEP block must be included. It guarantees that the algorithm is executed with the period given by the ts parameter unless the execution time is longer than the requested period.

The SLEEP block is implemented for Matlab/Simulink running in Microsoft Windows operating system. It is recommended to use periods of 100 ms and above. For the proper functionality the ’Solver type’ must be set to fixed-step and discrete (no continuous states) in the ’Solver’ tab of the ’Simulation parameters’ dialog. Further the Fixed step size parameter must be equal to the ts parameter of the SLEEP block. There should be at most one SLEEP block in the whole simulation scheme (including all subsystems).



Simulation scheme execution period (in seconds)  0.1

Double (F64)

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