LPBRK – Loop break

Block SymbolLicensing group: STANDARD

Function Description
The LPBRK block is an auxiliary block often used in the control schemes consisting of the REXYGEN system function blocks. The block is usually placed in all feedback loops in the scheme. Its behavior differs in the REXYGEN system and the Simulink system.

The LPBRK block creates a one-sample delay in the Simulink system. If there exists a feedback loop without the LPBRK block, the Simulink system detects an algebraic loop and issues a warning (Matlab version 6.1 and above). The simulation fails after some time.

The REXYGEN Compiler compiler omits the LPBRK block, the only effect of this block is the breaking of the feedback loop at the block’s position. If there exists a loop without the LPBRK block, the REXYGEN Compiler compiler issues a warning and breaks the loop at an automatically determined position. It is recommended to use the LPBRK block in all loops to achieve the maximum compatibility between the REXYGEN system and the Simulink system.



Input signal

Double (F64)



Output signal

Double (F64)

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