REXYGEN 2.50.9 is available

Today we are releasing REXYGEN version 2.50.9. As the title says, this is moreorless a bugfix release, solving the issues reported by REXYGEN users.
Here is a list of bugfixes in REXYGEN 2.50.9:
  • Fixed behaviour of the FIND and TIMER function blocks.
  • Fixed a memory leak in REST API when reading string values in JSON format.
  • Added new example projects for UniPi Neuron PLC.
  • Added new REXLANG functions for converting numbers in float and double precision to array of bytes as per IEEE 754 standard. Functions for backward transformation are available as well. See examples 0501-01 and 0504-01.
  • Fixed occassional crashes of REXYGEN Studio.
  • Fixed the problem with library function blocks turning black in REXYGEN Studio.
  • Fixed null string error in Persistent memory.
  • Fixed a problem with SHA1 hash generator, causing a crash of the HMI build process on some computers.

All users can upgrade for free. Depending on your current version, there are two separate guides for the upgrade:

Let us know about your experience with REXYGEN 2.50.9, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


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