REXYGEN Development tools

  • Windows 7/8/10: Fully functional and FREE to use. The installer also includes run-time limited for 2-hours for the development and testing process.
  • Mac OS / Linux: You may install the development tools using Wine version 5.0 or later. Although we test the development tools in Wine regularly, please note that this is meant for experienced users.
  • REXYGEN 3.0: Development tools are natively supported on Linux.

Runtime core of REXYGEN

  • Follow the Getting started instructions for the platform of your choice.


  • Documentation of REXYGEN is available in one place.

Example projects

  • Example projects for various platforms and tasks are included in the installation of development tools. Just run REXYGEN Studio and browse all examples from the start-up dialog.

Older versions

  • Looking for an older version? Download it from the archive.