REXYGEN 2.50.8 is available

It’s finally here, REXYGEN version 2.50.8 is out. The long-awaited native support for MQTT communication protocol was added and that’s just one item on the list. Another major feature is the so-called library subsystems, which allow creation of reusable user-defined function blocks . Hand in hand with library subsystems, we have redesigned the function block library and the block properties dialog to improve your comfort when building your automation solutions.
Here is a list of new features and bugfixes in REXYGEN 2.50.8:
  • REXYGEN Studio now supports library subsystems. More information about creating reusable user-defined function blocks can be found in REXYGEN Studio manual.
  • MQTT communication driver has been implemented to support projects in IoT domains and data exchange with cloud platforms.
  • Block library dialog has been redesigned and search functionality has been improved.
  • Redesigned dialog for editing function block properties. Quick reference is available for help. Added possibility to set block size manually.
  • Text annotations in block diagrams can be aligned to left/right margin or centered.
  • Fulltext search in tree view within Example library.
  • Conversion of numbers to hexadecimal format in ITOS and REXLANG blocks uses upper-case letters.
  • Major release of MATRIX library (blocks for matrix and vector operations). It supports orthogonal algorithms for solving of linear equations, SVD, eigenvalues and other algorithms from the LAPACK and BLAS libraries. See Function Blocks manual for details.
  • Fixed rt and et outputs of the TIMER block in “Delayed OFF” and “Delayed change” modes.
  • Virtual keyboard is available for login and /api pages.
  • Function blocks are by default sorted alphabetically in the diagnostic tree view.
  • Browse function in HMI Designer sorts block alphabetically.
  • REST API: more standard format of error response in JSON/XML.
  • It is now possible to disconnect existing connections of a function block. Right click the input or output and choose “Break/Disconnect line”.
  • The blocks which are halted are now clearly marked.
  • Fixed context menu item “Show in diagnostic tree”.
  • Fixed rendering and sizing of REXYGEN Studio dialogs on HiDPI displays.

All users can upgrade for free. Depending on your current version, there are two separate guides for the upgrade:

Let us know about your experience with REXYGEN 2.50.8, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


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