QFC – Quality flags coding

Block SymbolLicensing group: ADVANCED

Function Description
The QFC block creates the resulting signal iqf representing the quality flags by combining three components iq, is and il. The quality flags are part of each input or output signal in the REXYGEN system. Further details about quality flags can be found in chapter 1.4 of this manual. The RexLib function block library for Matlab-Simulink does not use any quality flags.

It is possible to use the QFC block together with the VOUT block to force arbitrary quality flags for a given signal. Reversed function to the QFC block is performed by the QFD block.



Basic quality type flags, see table 1.2

Long (I32)


Substatus flags, see [1]

Long (I32)


Limits flags, see [1]

Long (I32)



Bit combination of the iq, is and il input signals

Long (I32)

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