INQUAD, INOCT, INHEXD – Multi-input blocks

Block SymbolsLicensing group: STANDARD

Function Description
The REXYGEN system allows not only reading of a single input signal but also simultaneous reading of multiple signals through just one block (for example all signals from one module or plug-in board). The blocks INQUAD, INOCT and INHEXD are designed for these purposes. They differ only in the maximum number of signals (4, 8 and 16, respectively).

The name of the block instance includes the symbol of the driver <DRV> and the name of the signal <signal> of the given driver:

  • <DRV>__<signal>

It is created the same way as the GotoTag parameter of the INSTD and OUTSTD blocks. E.g. the digital inputs of a Modbus I/O device might be referenced by MBM__DI. Detailed information about signal naming can be found in the user manual of the corresponding I/O driver.

The overhead necessary for data acquisition through input/output drivers is minimized when using these blocks, which is important mainly for very fast control algorithms with sampling period of 1 ms and lower. Moreover, all the inputs are read simultaneously or as successively as possible. Detailed information about using these blocks for particular driver can be found in the user manual for the given driver.

Since version 2.50.5 it is possible to use placeholders in names of I/O driver signals. This is useful inside subsystems where this placeholder is replaced by the value of subsystem parameter. E.g. the name MBM__module<id> will refer to module 1, 2, 3 etc. depending on the parameter id of the subsystem the block is contained in. See the SubSystem function block for information on defining subsystem parameters.



Input signals fed into the control algorithm through input/output drivers. The type and location of individual signals is described in the user manual for the given driver.


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