AFLUSH – Forced archive flushing

Block SymbolLicensing group: STANDARD

Function Description
The AFLUSH block is intended for immediate storing of archive data to permanent memory (hard drive, flash disk, etc.). It is useful when power loss can be anticipated, e.g. emergency shutdown of the system following some failure. It forces the archive subsystem to write all archive data to avoid data loss. The write operation is initiated by a rising edge (off on) at the FLUSH input regardless of the period parameter of the ARC block.



Force archive flushing




List of archives to store the events. The format of the list is e.g. 1,3..5,8. The event will be stored in all listed archives (see the ARC block for details on archives numbering). Third-party programs (Simulink, OPC clients etc.) work with an integer number, which is a binary mask, i.e. 157 (binary 10011101) in the mentioned case.

Word (U16)

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