ARC – The REXYGEN system archive

Block SymbolLicensing group: STANDARD

Function Description
The ARC block is intended for archives configuration in the REXYGEN control system. The archives can be used for continuous recording of alarms, events and history trends directly on the target platform. The output Archives of the EXEC block must be connected to the prev input of the first archive. The following archives can be added by connecting the input prev with the preceding archive’s output next. Only one archive block can be connected to each next output, the output of the last archive remains unconnected. The resulting archives sequence determines the order of allocation and initialization of individual archives in the REXYGEN system and also the index of the archive, which is used in the arc parameter of the archiving blocks (see chapter 10). The archives are numbered from 1 and the maximum number of archives is limited to 15 (archive no. 0 is the internal system log).

The atype parameter determines the type of archive from the data-available-after-restarting point of view. The admissible types depend on the target platform properties, which can be inspected in the Target tab in the REXYGEN Diagnostics program after successful connecting to the target device.

Archive consists of sequenced variable-length items (memory and disk space optimization) with a timestamp. Therefore the other parameters are the total archive size in bytes asize and maximum number of timestamps nmarks for speeding-up the sequential seeking in the archive.



Input for connecting with the next output of the preceding archive or with the Archives output of the EXEC block in the case of the first archive

Long (I32)



Output for creating sequences of archives by connecting to the prev input of the following archive

Long (I32)



Archive type  1

Long (I32)

1 ....

archive is allocated in the RAM memory (data is irreversibly lost after restarting the target device)

2 ....

archive is allocated in backed-up memory, e.g. CMOS (data remains available after restarting the target device)

3 ....

archive is allocated on a drive (data remains available in the file after restarting)


Size of the archive in bytes   256 102400

Long (I32)


Number of time stamps for speeding-up sequential seeking in the archive   2 720

Long (I32)


Maximum size of archive per day [bytes]   1000  2147480000 1048576

Large (I64)


Period of writing data to disk [s]  60.0

Double (F64)

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