The runtime core of the REXYGEN system (RexCore) is the cornerstone of your automation device. Running on top of the operating system, it coordinates the execution of your algorithms. It also provides access to input and output signals of the platform through the modular system of REXYGEN I/O drivers.

  • Wide family of supported devices
    From servers, industrial PCs and PLCs to single board computers
  • Supports various communication protocols
    Modbus, OPC UA, OPC DA, MQTT and SQL through ODBC are natively supported communication protocols.
  • Platform independent
    No vendor lock-in!
  • Programmable with a single mouse click
    No cross-compilation, no complex toolchains, all you need is the REXYGEN Studio on a standard PC or laptop
  • Integrated webserver for web-based visualization
    Display HMI screens or dashboards on any panel, tablet or smartphone
  • Easy integration into business IT infrastructure
    Data exchange with ERP/BMS systems via database connection and cloud solutions via e-mail notifications or HTTP GET/POST requests
  • Secure by design, ready for the future
    Encrypted communication supported, IPv6 ready
  • Open by design
    Read any data, adjust any parameter... Via REST API in real-time!


REXYGEN Studio is the main development tool of the REXYGEN ecosystem. It allows you to develop your algorithms, configure input/output signals, compile your project and transfer it to any device powered by the REXYGEN runtime core.

  • Programming without hand-coding
    Graphical programming based on function block diagrams
  • One development environment for all platforms
    No need to learn anything new when your project outgrows the original platform
  • Rich library of function blocks to build upon
    From simple logic operations and timers to signal filtering, PID control and beyond. And of course e-mail alerts.
  • Everything is included out-of-the-box
    No more trial and error with 3rd party libraries
  • Project compilation within seconds
    No cross-compilation, no complex toolchains, the REXYGEN built-in compiler does it all and does it fast
  • No specialized cables
    A standard PC or laptop with network access is all you need
  • 1
    Collect data from sensors and devices
  • 2
    Execute your algorithms with millisecond precision
  • 3
    Command actuators and control other devices
Overall structure of the REXYGEN System

Input and output signals, external devices

  • Direct inputs and outputs
    Digital inputs (DI), digital outputs (DO), analog inputs (AI), analog outputs (AO), thermocouples, encoders, ...
  • Modbus TCP or RTU devices
    Input-output units, servo drives, sensors, energy meters etc.
  • Standard communication protocols
    Support for standard communication protocols OPC UA, MQTT and other
  • Communication with Siemens PLCs
    Support for LOGO! and S7 product lines (Ethernet connectivity)
  • Connection to database systems
    Support for MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB etc. (via ODBC)
  • Devices with generic RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface
    Vendor-specific communication protocols (signal analyzers, solar inverters, battery chargers etc.)
  • Systems or software solutions with generic TCP or UDP communication
    Data in, data out, you are the boss
  • Devices with generic SPI, I2C or UART communication
    Sensors, A/D and D/A converters, transcievers, etc.
  • 1-Wire sensors and actuators
    Popular communication bus for low-cost solutions
  • Data files on local or remote storage
    Read data in, process data, write data out...
  • Arbitrary script/program executable in the operating system
    When the native built-in features do not meet your needs...
  • UAV Systems
    Support for integration of MAVLink protocol and Python code

Wide range of supported platforms

Do you want to see more?

Take a look at our educational models, references or experiment with function blocks for PID and process control virtually.

We're always scouting for new platforms. Let us know if you are missing one here.