REXYGEN Studio is the main development tool of the REXYGEN ecosystem. It allows you to develop your algorithms, configure input/output signals, compile your project and transfer it to any device powered by the REXYGEN runtime core.

  • Programming without hand-coding
    Graphical programming based on function block diagrams
  • One development environment for all platforms
    No need to learn anything new when your project outgrows the original platform
  • Rich library of function blocks to build upon
    From simple logic operations and timers to signal filtering, PID control and beyond. And of course e-mail alerts.
  • Everything is included out-of-the-box
    No more trial and error with 3rd party libraries
  • Project compilation within seconds
    No cross-compilation, no complex toolchains, the REXYGEN built-in compiler does it all and does it fast
  • No specialized cables
    A standard PC or laptop with network access is all you need
  • 1
    Develop your algorithm on a standard PC
  • 2
    Compile the project and run it on any REXYGEN-enabled device
  • 3
    Diagnose and fine-tune your algorithms on the fly
Overall structure of the REXYGEN System

The engineer's tool

Programming in REXYGEN Studio

Graphical programming using the so-called function blocks provides a straightforward and convenient style of programming.

Your automation device can run a simple algorithm containing a few comparators and timers or you can turn it into a large-scale industrial control system.

Diagnostics in REXYGEN Studio

Regardless of the complexity of your algorithm, you always have detailed diagnostics at your disposal. You can use either live or archived data to fine-tune your projects.