REXYGEN Professional runtime for Linux PC

Frequently asked questions

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What is included in the licence?

The licence allows you to run your algorithms on a single Linux PC. As soon as the licence is bound to your computer, it cannot be used for another device. The development tools are free to use on any computer.

How is the licence delivered?

The licence is delivered via e-mail as an electronic token, which you combine with the identifiers of your Linux PC to form a valid licence key. The procedure is described in detail in the Getting started guide.

Is it possible to upgrade the licence later?

Absolutely! You can buy optional modules whenever you need them.

What if my computer is broken?

In 99% of the cases, problems are solved by reinstalling the operating system and/or replacing the faulty I/O modules. In such a case, your licence is still valid. In other cases you contact us and we'll do our best to find a win-win resolution.