Pricing for Raspberry Pi

Choose the licence of REXYGEN runtime core which fits your project the best.

RexCore Professional
165 €
One-time payment
Unlimited runtime
Autostart on power-up
Advanced function blocks
I/O drivers included
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Includes all features of the Plus version and adds communication drivers for seamless integration with Modbus devices (master or slave, RTU or TCP), Siemens PLCs, database systems, MAVLink, MQTT and OPC UA.
RexCore Starter
45 €
One-time payment
Unlimited runtime
Autostart on power-up
Standard function blocks
Optional I/O drivers
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Best for automation of small-scale projects or for using the device as a substation in a more complex setup (via REST API). The licence covers standard function blocks. You can use GPIOs and 1-Wire devices.
RexCore DEMO
No payment
2-hour runtime
No autostart
Advanced function blocks
I/O drivers included
Try for free
Includes all the features of the Professional version, only with runtime limitations.

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Frequently asked questions

Any of these questions on your mind?

What is included in the licence?

The licence allows you to run your algorithms on a single Raspberry Pi. As soon as the licence is bound to your Raspberry Pi, it cannot be used for another device. The development tools are free to use on any computer.

How is the licence delivered?

The licence is delivered via e-mail as an electronic token, which you combine with the identifiers of your Raspberry Pi to form a valid licence key. The procedure is described in detail in the Getting started guide.

Is it possible to upgrade the licence later?

Absolutely! You can buy the optional communication drivers whenever you need them. When the time comes, go ahead and upgrade your RexCore licence to Plus or Professional version.

What if my Raspberry Pi is broken?

In 99% of the cases, problems are solved by reflashing the SD card with operating system. In such a case, your licence is still valid. Even if you need to replace the faulty SD card, you can reactivate your licence and continue using it. In other cases you contact us and we'll do our best to find a win-win resolution.

Optional add-ons for your licence

Enjoy the modularity of the REXYGEN system and select only the modules you really need.

Modbus communication driver

Connect your Raspberry Pi to energy meters, frequency inverters, remote I/O units, other PLCs or SCADA systems using the Modbus protocol. Your Raspberry Pi can act as Modbus master or Modbus slave. Both TCP and RTU (serial communication) variants are supported.

Driver for communication with Siemens PLCs

Integrate Siemens PLCs in your project. Monitor inputs, control outputs, exchange data. Ethernet connection is supported (S7 models and LOGO! 7 and 8 series).

Driver for database access

Connect your Raspberry Pi to database systems (e.g. MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL). You can archive measured data, read user-defined parameters, read predefined sequences or recipes for individual machines, store data for reports in ERP and BMS systems, etc.

On-site automatic tuning of controllers

If you ever struggled with PI or PID controller settings, you understand that automatic tuning of controller parameters saves a huge amount of your precious time and optimizes behaviour of the controlled technology.