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Modbus master for testing Monarco HAT as Modbus TCP slave

This example is a Modbus TCP master for testing the Monarco HAT as Modbus slave. The Modbus TCP slave device (Raspberry Pi + Monarco HAT) is supposed to have the IP address

Modbus registers

Monarco HAT input signals

Register No. Meaning Data range
0 Digital inputs (LSB=DI1) 0..15
1 Analog input 1 (0..10V, 12-bit) 0..4095
2 Analog input 2 (0..10V, 12-bit) 0..4095

Monarco HAT output signals

Register No. Meaning Data range
2048 Digital outputs (LSB=DO1) 0..15
2049 Analog output 1 (0..10V, 12-bit) 0..4095
2050 Analog output 2 (0..10V, 12-bit) 0..4095

Adding signals, changing Modbus register mapping, changing IP address

of the slave device ###

Go to Modbus TCP Master driver (MTM block) configuration and press "Configure" for Modbus configuration. Make sure to read the Modbus driver documentation (see below).


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