0121-09 Monarco HAT Demo Example

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Monarco HAT DEMO example

This folder contains the source files for Monarco HAT DEMO example.


  • REXYGEN Runtime Core and MonarcoDrv must be installed and running on target device to run the example

Timing of the project

The algorithm runs each 10 milliseconds (0.01 s). See the EXEC function block,
tick x ntick0 = 0.01 x 1 = 0.01 s

Running the examples

  • The *exec.mdl file is the project main file. Open with REXYGEN Studio.
  • Compile and download project to the target device.
  • Connect to the HMI using your web browser, e.g. (use the IP address of your target device!)


Additional information

  • Visit the Monarco HAT website.
  • Visit the REXYGEN webpage for more information about the example projects and developing advanced automation and control solutions using REXYGEN.