WWW – Internal Web Server Content

Block SymbolLicensing group: STANDARD

Function Description
The WWW block is a so-called "pseudo-block" which stores additional information about a contents of an internal web server. The only file where the block can be placed is a main project file with a single EXEC block an so it belongs to the EXEC category.

The block does not have any inputs or outputs. The block itself does not become a part of a final binary configuration but the data it points to does. Be careful when inserting big files or directories as the integrated web server is not optimized for a large data. It is possible to shrink the data by enabling gzip compression. The compression also reduces amount of data transferred to the client, but decompression must be performed on the server side when a client does not support gzip compression which brings additional load on the target device.



Specifies a source directory or a file name that should be placed on the target and should be available via integrated web server using standard HTTP and/or HTTPS protocol. The path may be absolute or relative to path of a main project file.



Specifies a target directory or a file name on the integrated web server.



Enables data compression in gzip format.


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