RM_AxisOut –  Axis output

Block SymbolLicensing group: MOTION CONTROL

Function Description

The RM_AxisOut block allows an access to important states of block RM_Axis. Same outputs are also available directly on RM_Axis (some of them), but this direct output is one step delayed. Blocks are ordered for execution by flow of a signal, so RM_Axis is first then all motion blocks (that actualize RM_Axis state), then RM_AxisOut (should be last) and finally waiting for next period.

Note 1: Control system REXYGEN orders blocks primary by flow of signal, secondarily by name of block (ascendent in alphabetical order), so name like "zzz" is good choice. For checking the order, you can use REXYGEN Diagnostics tool where the blocks are sorted by execution order.

Note 2: almost all blocks do not work with torque so commanded torque is 0. Commanded acceleration and torque should be used as feed-forward value for position/velocity controller so this value does not make any problem.



axis reference that must be connected to axisRef of the RM_Axis block (direct or indirect throw output yAxis of some other block)


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