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#1 2016-01-11 21:45:58

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Aliases for 1-Wire sensors

we need a flexible system, which will allow to easy change actors and sensors on an 1-wire bus. Sorrowly the REX Control System does not allow that, because all 1-wire devices have to be compiled in. It would be nice, if the REX system would read a definition file at runtime/startup containing all 1-wire devices with id and alias names, preferably as XML.


#2 2016-01-11 21:50:50

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Re: Aliases for 1-Wire sensors

The aliases you ask for are supported by the OWFS package (namely the owserver), which the 1-Wire driver relies on. Please add the following line to your /etc/owfs.conf:

alias = /etc/ow-alias

Now create the file with aliases definition:

sudo nano /etc/ow-alias

And put the following content in:

/28.063BC8040000 = sensor1
/28.1FBFBC020000 = sensor2

Save the file and restart owserver:

sudo service owserver restart

Now run owdir and you should see your aliases. Also you can use

owread /sensor1/temperature12

to read the temperature.

Immediately you can use /sensor1/temperature12 in the OwsDrv driver configuration and therefore you achieved what you were asking for. Except the XML format which we can't do anything about because OWFS is not our product. Hope this helps!


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