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#1 2018-08-27 14:14:11

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HMI - multiple sources: WebWatch, InkScape, RexHMI

Hello there,

is there a simple and convenient way to make multiple HMI interfaces for one project?
Eg. I would like to have an access for auto-generated WebWatch witch is very useful, and at the same time work on InkScape project (rexygen hmi designer).

To be honest i didn't tried it, but I suppose that, when I copy files generated by Inkscape and select to auto gen the WebWatch files it will overwrite inkscape files, right?



#2 2018-08-28 10:00:48

tomáš čechura
Registered: 2016-02-22
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Re: HMI - multiple sources: WebWatch, InkScape, RexHMI

Hello Hubert,

thank you for your question. There is example "0301-07 Multi-page HMI" available via REXYGEN Studio which shows how to combine Inkscape based HMI (.svg) with RexHMI (WebBuDi = .js). In similar way you can combine Inkscape based HMI with WebWatch as you wanted. I recommend you to give it a try and have a look at:

  • files inside "hmisrc" directory - naming is important!

  • HMI function block setup in REXYGEN Studio - for WebWatch also tick "GenerateWebWatch"

  • any .svg file in "hmisrc" directory - read the instructions given at the bottom of the page and investigate how creating links works

  • any .js file in "hmisrc" directory

The overwriting can occur only if the Inkscape HMI file names would be the same as .mdl file names (e.g. myproject_task.hmi.svg vs myproject_task.mdl) - but I see no point in mixing the names in this way wink

If you run into any troubles, let me know.

Regards, Tomas


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