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#1 2016-09-02 13:46:50

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Problem with ds18b20 and Raspberry Pi

I need to be able to read temperature from multiple ds18b20 temperature probes. My problem is that I have NOT been able to get the owserver to display the probe. I have connected it directly as in the tutorial with the 4.7k resistance. In fact I have been using those temp probes before and I am able to read them with python script or directly on the /sys/bus/w1/... .

My problem is really that owdir will never display it (I only connected one and that one is available in the /sys/bus/w1). I tried also to disable the module (then it will not show in the /sys/bus/w1) but again owdir will not see it. So I guess there is something missing. I am using a Raspberry PI 3 with the Piface digital (working correctly in Rex). I have installed a fresh Raspbian distribution.

So what can I do to be able to read those temperature probes as I really need to be able to read them in Rex? Is there a way to read the file directly without using the owserver (I am new with the Rex control). My goal is to build a complete pool automation with Solar control, lights, dual speed pump and HMI.



#2 2016-09-02 14:51:43

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Re: Problem with ds18b20 and Raspberry Pi

this topic solves exactly the same problem.

Hope this helps!


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