0902-04 Multi Authentication

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Multi Authentication

This configuration defines two User Token Policy (UTP). Client's assigned role depends on the used authentication policy. In the example will be anonymous clients allowed to read values of REXYGEN target's variables. Clients authenticated with certificate will be even allowed to write to these varables.

Basic certificate authentication configuration:

  • User Token Policy (UTP) definition
    • Name "AdminCertificate"
    • Certificate authentication
    • User authorized as Admin
    • Trust list with allowed client certificates
    • Rejected list (optional)
    • Revocation list (optional)
    • Issuer list (optional)
  • User token policy (UTP) definition
    • Name "2"
    • Anonymous access (No authentication)
    • User authorized as Guest
  • Endpoint definition
    • Used user token policy ("AdminCertificate" and "2")

The UTP certificate validation settings may and may not be equal to security certificate validation!

Read the Getting started for easy start and full documentation for additional settings.


Additional information

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