0902-02 Username Authentication

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Username Authentication

This configuration defines an Username User Token Policy (UTP). That means that a client has to authenticate with its credentials. The OPC UA server stores users' credentials and roles in an authorization file (RexOpcUa_users.ini).

The authorization file should be managed using REXYGEN OPC UA Configuration Editor or command line tool rexuaauth. These tools encrypt user credentials using OPTIONAL_ENCODING_SALT. It is recomended to change this parameter to ensure higher security level. In this case the old incompatible authorization file has to be deleted and regenerated.

Basic username authentication configuration:

  • User Token Policy (UTP) definition
    • Name "Username"
    • Username authentication
    • Path to the authorization file
    • Used encoding salt (optional)
  • Endpoint definition
    • Used user token policy (Only UTP "Username")

Read the Getting started for easy start and full documentation for additional settings.


Additional information

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