0201-23 ACD Archiving

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Archiving analog signals in REXYGEN

This folder contains the source files for the demonstration project on archiving analog signals.

The ACD block archives the analog value whenever a significant change occurs. The significant change can be absolute (TR=off) or relative to the signal trend (TR=on).

View the archived data in the Watch mode of REXYGEN Studio or in the REXYGEN Diagnostics diagnostic tool. Enable the data markers to compare the data intensity of the two approaches. Note that the data is written to the archive each 15 seconds. If you need to flush the archive data sooner, trigger the archive flushing procedure by toggling the CNB_FLUSH function block.

Remember to change the archive flushing period in production systems, especially when saving data to SD cards or compact flash disks. This can be done by adjusting the configuration parameters of the analog_archive (function block EXEC/ARC).

Timing of the project

The algorithm runs each 50 milliseconds (0.05 s). See the EXEC function block,
tick x ntick0 = 0.05 x 1 = 0.05


  • REXYGEN Runtime Core must be installed and running on the target device.

Running the example

  • The *exec.mdl file is the project main file.
  • Open it with REXYGEN Studio, compile and download it to the target device.
  • Open diagnostics (Target->Diagnostics), connect to the target device, watch analog_archive.


Additional information

  • Visit the REXYGEN webpage for more information about the example projects and developing advanced automation and control solutions using REXYGEN.