10.1 Functionality of the archiving subsystem

The archive in the REXYGEN system stores the history of events, alarms and trends of selected signals. There can be up to 15 archives in each target device. The types or archives are listed below:

RAM memory archive
– Suitable for short-term data storage. The data access rate is very high but the data is lost on reboot.
Archive in a backed-up memory
– Similar to the RAM archive but the data is not lost on restart. Data can be accessed fast but the capacity is usually quite limited (depends on the target platform).
Disk archive
The disk archives are files in a proprietary binary format. The files are easily transferrable among individual platforms and the main advantage is the size, which is limited only by the capacity of the storage medium. On the other hand, the drawback is the relatively slow data access.

Not all hardware platforms support all types of archives. The individual types which are supported by the platform can be displayed in the REXYGEN Diagnostics program or in REXYGEN Studio in the Diagnostics tree view panel after clicking on the name of the target device (IP address). The supported types are listed in the lower left part of the Target tab.

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